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Leader In wastewater treatment systems

Biofil BF - Series

As most Wastewater comes from dwellings. The on site Package unit is the most cost effective and efficient means to treat waste water to an acceptable level before entering the public drainage system.

A complete housing development can benefit by eliminating the need for early high expenditure and subsequent maintenance costs as found in centralized systems.
Outstanding features of BIOFIL BF series
• Two steps treatment process for high efficiency
• No power use
• Quick and easy to install
• No wearing parts, maintenance free
• Totally none corrosive
• Strong, durable, long lasting fibre glass construction
• Easy to clean 2 – 3 years plus
• Only quality materials used
• Only skilled trades people engaged
• Factory workman ship guaranteed 10 years
• Lasts a life time-worry free
• Incorporates the revolutionary and patented BioMedia for
ultimate efficiency

BIOFIL process of cleaning wastewater before returning to nature

BIOFIL : Three steps system providing maximum efficiency

The on – site wastewater treatment tank utilizes the ( MEDIA CELL ) This Biotechnology method applied non utilizes oxidixed bacteria to treat organic waste.

A special MEDIA CELL has been designed to encourage bacteria growth and action and as a result this system/design offers greater superlority to other brands in actual performance and efficency providing low B.O.D. levels at the outflow, returning safe water back into public drainage system or the environment.


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